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Superpowers for
design systems

Interplay connects design and engineering to help product teams build better software at speed, at scale and in sync.

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Design System Manager

“This finally connects design tooling with development in a practical way — unlike other tools, Interplay is built to integrate with existing design and dev workflows.”

Hamish O'Neill,
Design Manager and Design Lead, ANZ

For Design System Ops

Less repetitive work, more important work

It’s painstaking and time consuming to keep design component libraries up to date with production code. Interplay automates the repetitive work so you can focus on the important work of improving the system and advocating for adoption.

  • Run automated code imports
  • Manage properties, examples and documentation
  • Publish versioned releases for designers to consume in Figma and Sketch
Design System Ops Manager

For Designers

Design with code components in Figma and Sketch without writing any code

Instead of drawing pictures of components, Interplay helps designers get closer to the real thing. With powerful plugins for Figma and Sketch, Interplay empowers designers to design with production code components in the tools they usually use.

  • Edit real properties, not variants.
  • Preview fully interactive code components in the browser
  • Stay in the flow and view documentation in your component library.
  • Be confident that your design is using the latest production code components.

For Engineers

Seamless JSX handovers

Interplay saves time and eliminates confusion at handover by exposing the JSX configuration of your components. Inspect designs in Figma or Sketch and copy the JSX for any component with a single click.

So engineers can spend more time hooking up components to the back end instead of cross referencing documentation to check which component the designer meant to use.

Design System Ops Manager

“This is jaw dropping amazing stuff. I’m absolutely blown away by my first impressions. WOW.”

Mike Trilford,
Design Technologist, MYOB

What we support

Frameworks come and go but Interplay is built to work with all of them.

Interplay currently supports React, with support for Vue and Web Components on the way. We will soon be open sourcing our library so that you can build adaptors for any framework.

React and Vue Code Design

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